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First impressions count - choosing your perfect entry door

October 24, 2018

Fairview-four-panel-door-(PT3HV)-in-Viper-GreenYour home can say a lot about you, it’s where you express your unique sense of style and that shouldn’t stop with the interior. Choosing the right entry door will truly transform your home, creating a great first impression with added street appeal. So, when it comes to deciding on your front door, and entrance space, it’s worth giving it careful consideration.

In this blog, we’ll take you through a few factors to consider that'll make the selection process of your entry door easier, helping you make the best choice. 

Consider your lifestyle

First of all, picture how you’ll live in your home. This will help you create a functional entrance area and one that best suits your needs.

Ask yourself:

  1. How often will the door be used? If you have a busy family lifestyle, the main entrance to the house is used several times a day. In this instance, you’ll need to choose a more robust solution for your entry door e.g. an aluminium constructed door.

  2. What are you bringing in and out? Do you have children, prams and lots of shopping to bring in? If this is the case, it would help if your door was a bit wider than standard. Imagine a stress free return home without any crashing and banging to get everything and everyone through the door.

  3. You’ll also want to think about what side the door should open from. Can you reach the light switches as you step into your home or will you need to reach around the door? If so, you may want to consider hanging it on the other side.

  4. What kind of external environment is your house exposed to? Do you live in an area where you really feel the effects of the elements - be it wind, rain or sunshine? If so, then a thermal option will be beneficial all year round. For example, Fairview thermal entry doors include thermal-break technology; an interior layer of polyamide that prevents the outside cold from being transferred inside your home. And, in summer, it’ll keep you cool by reducing the amount of heat coming through.

Choosing the right look and design

Now comes the fun part, choosing the visual appearance of your door. There’s an abundance of options and so many ways to make your mark. An entry door should be strong and solid but it should also complement your home’s style by seamlessly integrating with its architecture and design.

Is your home contemporary or traditional?

For a more classic look, you could pick a recessed panel door. This simple design complements both traditional and modern homes.


Recessed panel door, (PT4S) in Matt Black.

Alternatively, glazed doors are clean, contemporary and stylish. They provide plenty of natural light, and if you choose double glazing, it will help you create a more energy efficient home.


Image captions: Left: Glazed door (PTZ3) in Bondi Blue. Right: Flush glazed door (PTFLG) in Matt Black.

Another option is to add sidelight or overlight windows around your door to lighten the entrance way. These create a more open spacious feel and provide extra visibility. If privacy is important, these can be frosted making it harder to see into the house from the outside.

Fairview-Tongue-and-Groove-door-(PTGVS)-in-Pearl-WhiteTongue and Groove door (PTGVS) in Pearl White.

Secondly, factor in where the door is going to be positioned? Is it sheltered or exposed?

A solid wooden door might look great in a traditional house, however, if it’s in a more exposed location you might want to consider an aluminium door with a woodgrain finish. This will minimise warping and maintenance-related issues.


Tongue and Groove door (PTF) in EUROWOOD Riverwood.

Be bold with colour

Colour is an area you can really put your stamp on, depending on how adventurous you’d like to be. Well-chosen colours can bring life to your home in ways you may not have thought possible. The only rule is to ensure you compliment the overall architecture - as what works on a modern home will not look good on your traditional kiwi villa.


Element door (PTEL) in Lobster.

Do you want your entry door to stand out, or blend in? For example, choosing a bright red, high-gloss entry door could be your stand out feature, perfect for a modern architectural designed home.

If you’d prefer that your door blends in, colour-match it to your roof, joinery, or garage door.

It’s all in the details

Sometimes the smallest details will make or break your design choices. So, take your time selecting the hardware for your door. Luckily, you’ll find there are a wide range of handles and locking systems to choose from.


Element door (PTEL) with customised print.

Sleek and gently curving handles feel comfortable to use, while more solid angular styles will accentuate a contemporary style home. You could also choose to make a more bold and grand impression by selecting a pull handle for your entrance door. And, colour-matched handles and latches can blend in and balance your door.

When it comes to locks, multi point locking - a rim-locking system - bolts the door into the frame providing additional security and air tightness; while advanced digital locking systems allow keyless entry to your home, along with extra security benefits.


S-6000 Digital Touch pad door lock

So, whether you’re renovating your existing house or building a brand new home, we hope this blog has given you some good pointers on choosing the right entry door.

If you want to find out more, get inspiration and start planning your next steps feel free to get in contact with one of our experienced Fairview window and door manufacturers.


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