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3 ways to maximise your home's indoor-outdoor flow

September 26, 2018

Fairview corner sliding doors in living areaYour windows and doors not only shape the look and feel of your home but also play a significant role in its liveability. The right choices can connect spaces, maximise light, provide privacy or even expand your living area.

Creating excellent indoor-outdoor flow is very important to us New Zealanders, our decks, patios and gardens are as much the pride of our homes as the interiors. However, we don’t all have the luxury of large sections or decks. So, how can you bring the outdoors in and maximise your living space?

Here are some ideas to consider when looking to create the perfect indoor-outdoor flow for your new home or renovation, whatever size it may be.

Open up your home with corner sliders for uninterrupted flow

Can you extend your living area without building larger rooms? Sounds impossible, but with contemporary corner sliding doors, you can create uninterrupted flow between your interior and exterior living spaces. This means you can actually extend the space you live in every day. A great solution for those who love entertaining and bringing people together.


The sliding door panels may even be able to slide into the wall cavity so that they disappear entirely. And with the addition of door tracks that sit flush with the floor, you’ll achieve smooth transitions between your living spaces.

Take a look at our ‘Seamless spaces’ case study to see a beautiful example of corner sliders in action. The homeowners of this three-bedroom Onetangi abode on stunning Waiheke Island enjoy easy access to their extended living space, and when indoors, feel closer to the environment they love.

Using bi-fold doors to allow for maximum deck space

There’s no escaping the Kiwi deck obsession, but when your outdoor area is limited, bi-fold doors can really make a difference to how you enjoy that space. Bi-fold panels fold into a discreet stack leaving an unobstructed view for you to enjoy.

To really maximise your space, choose bi-folds that fold right back against the wall such as Fairview’s FREEFOLD option.

Fairview FREEFOLD bifold doors

Embrace kitchen bi-folds and sliders for optimum entertaining

Using sliding or bi-fold windows in your kitchen area creates a café-like feel, giving an improved indoor-outdoor connection. This allows you to continue to socialise with your friends and family while preparing meals, and provides for a quick handover of food and drink when you’re entertaining.

Fairview bifold windows in kitchen

Sliding windows or doors are also a great solution for small or narrow outdoor spaces, ensuring uninterrupted access with no swinging doors to get in the way.

Freeing up space in smaller homes

Finally, if your home is small, and you don't have the luxury of larger door openings, there could be alternative ways to free up space. For example, an over-the-wall external sliding door could give you more usable space inside your home.

And because they sit on a track outside the wall line, when fully opened they disappear right out of view really maximising the indoor-outdoor flow.

Fairview-over-the-wall-sliding-doorHopefully, this blog has given you some inspiration on how choosing the right windows and doors can enhance the flow of your home and help you connect with the outdoors. Your choices will depend on your unique sense of style and your goals e.g. opening up views, increasing light, or creating a sense of space and connection that brings everyone together. However, once you've identified what you want you're ready to take the next step. Talking to an experienced window and door manufacturer is vital in getting the most out of your home – inside and out.

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